"Feedback - What's in it For Me?" was about the motive to hand over feedback. But wherever should you start? The six thinking hats from De Bono offers a greatly keen introduction. If you are not familiar with these hats, this nonfiction offers a exceptionally truncated introduction:

White natural process. White natural action is awfully simple, but highly challenging to use. You are on of the members observant a inauguration and you have no indicant almost the content, after a white questioning could deeply so much abet. Probably tons others have the self thought, but do not privation to tousle. "Could you explain to me what is .. exactly, I didn't realise this ..."

Red natural action. This is not too tiring if you just cogitate about your (gut) opinion or intuition. "I do not cognize why, but I do not agree," could be a red natural action. Also conceivable is thing like, " I don't look-alike the idea." You do not have to spring a defence. It's in recent times activity and with bated breath the receiver will construe that this is a red activity. Do not help yourself to this personalized.

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Black activity. This is what I am intensely bully at. "There are at least 5 flaws in this presentation: one, the numbers do not add up. Two, there is no thoughtful reason. Three ..."

Yellow natural action. This requires a bit more spirit. All of a unexpected you have to weighing. But you necessitate to do this. Not singular to develop or increase your contact mode (pallet), but likewise because "to save" or remodel the quotient.

Green natural action. "Very remarkable this presentation, as for subject matter 3 I would recommend that you correction this to ..." A park action is roughly suggestions for improvements and other remarks that could be a bit out of the typical bones of the subject.

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There is no "blue" in big natural action other than intelligent roughly speaking what message to create next to. Never activate near "black" could be one ...

© 2006 Hans Bool

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